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Ready for more out of work & life?

  More & more of us are reporting less satisfaction with work, wondering if there is more to life than what our current job offers.  W
hile it's great that there is increased acknowledgement that 'people are the key to performance', why is it that many of us still simply feel like just an employee number?


Sound familiar? You're not alone.

 People all over the world are questioning the status quo and realizing that they deserve more. They want workplaces that embrace concepts like purpose, nurture their fulfillment, and help them as individuals unlock a truely human experience. 

Unfortunately, our corporate environments are not set up to serve those needs, leaving the work to be done, up to you.  And while a more fulfilling work experience sounds enticing, it also sounds exhausting! Who has time outside of work and life demands to go on a scavenger hunt in search of this mythical "purpose"? Where do we even start?

The truth is, it's a journey. One that many people before us have already endeavored to take. So why don't we learn from their experiences, find inspiration in their triumphs, and perhaps lend our voices to theirs, to call in a radical transformation of the workplace as we know it?


Each week, host Kendra Parker sits down with business & people leaders, entrepreneurs, and everyday folks who have found a way to "do it, differently". We'll hear how they have designed a role for their soul, and get inspired by the art of the possible.


So, whether you're a leader ready to pave the way or an individual in search of a better work day, join us as together, we'll explore what it's going to take to redefine the meaning of work, rewrite the rules, and build a world where passion, purpose, and humanity are amplified. 


Are you ready to get a little bit radical?

Welcome to 

The Like-Minded Radicals

Meet the Radicals

New to The Like Minded Radicals and wondering where to start? Get to know our guests, and the mission's near and dear to their hearts.

While many of our guests are in fact founders & entrepreneurs, we do not believe you have to leave your organization to find fulfillment and satisfaction in your job. These pioneers have a unique perspective on just what may be impacting our workplace experiences, and how we can call in the change needed for improvement. 

Together we will hear inspiring stories from radical thinkers who have left behind the mundane and found joy and satisfaction in their work. We'll discover their journeys, including the pitfalls, and learn from their experiences so we can each design a better work environment for ourselves that fully represents the workplace experience we crave. 


Ready for more out of work and life?
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