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Workplace Experience Podcast

PODCAST |  Why should HR and IT talk to each other? In this episode, we’ve put HR and IT in the same room to explore how to spark your employee experience evolution. Kendra Capozzi Parker – Avanade’s Global Director of EX for the future of work, and Marci Jenkins, Avanade’s IT Experience Executive, discuss employee experience and the challenges they have faced in their respective areas. They share how they’ve collaborated to understand employees’ needs and identified solutions by leveraging technology to improve well-being, flexibility and productivity.


Employee Experience Summit

KEYNOTE SPEAKER |  Join us at the upcoming Employee Experience Summit,  where we'll delve into the fascinating realm of crafting a first in class Employee Experience and enhanced engagement.

We are thrilled to have Kendra Parker, Global Director on EX & the Future of Work as our keynote speaker. With her wealth of expertise, Kendra will shed light on how innovative use of employee data and technology and a truely people first mentality, can transform the workplace, creating a seamless journey that cultivates engagement and boosts productivity.



Outcomes Over Hours

PODCAST |  In this interview, Kendra shares her insights on the Future of Work and the compressed work week, as well as leadership topics such as activity vs. impact, playing to your strengths, understanding your value proposition and being data-informed vs data-driven.


Future of Work APAC Conference 

SPEAKER |  Honored to have joined Tina Paterson on stage at the 2023 Future of Work APAC Conference where we presented on remote working & the 4-day work week.  Together we discussed how the future is now, and our decisions today on how we show up will play a critical role in designing the workplace of the future. Together we can push towards a future proof workplace that puts people first.


Let's Chat

I'm always looking for new opportunities to talk about the workplace and how we can disrupt and transform the experience. If you're interested in learning more, please reach out.  I'd love to chat!

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