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Hi there, I'm Kendra.

According to the interweb, my name means "knowing".

I by no means know everything, but I certainly know that I was made for more; more than the mundane, and you were too!


A successful global HR professional, I, like so many others, climbed the corporate ladder, achieved what many would consider "success" only to feel unfulfilled.  Dissatisfied with the daily grind, and left asking myself, "what's missing? " seemed ludicrous given I have what I would easily describe as my dream job.   But perhaps it isn't the work, but the impact that has me searching for more? As a global employee experience lead focused on the future of work, I believe that every employee has the right to find the perfect balance between work & life, and not just at my organization.

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Through my master studies of Conscious Business, I've discovered a new understanding of true leadership and impact. With increased self awareness, I'm inspired to use my natural gifts and talents in a way that helps improve the human experience for others. I believe it is time to fundamentally change the way we work and lead. To move away from this generic idea of purpose, and instead invest in the tools that will unleash the potential and power of people, creating a future where absolutely anything is possible. That is what this podcast has been born from. You deserve more than a conventional existence, don't you? 

Join me as we explore the conscious revolution. There is an entire network of individuals working to create a more human work experience; inspiring practitioners spanning the globe, working to help unlock potential and increase the social consciousness of the collective. Together we will amplify the voices of these thought leaders, sharing the stories of revolutionary radicals and founders, fearless souls who have dared to challenge the norms and carve a new path.  


I believe these change-makers and the lessons they strive to share, will be what transforms the world, creating a new paradigm. And not just in the world of work. 

Join the Movement:

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to share the message, or connect with inspiring leaders. Have a story to share, let's connect.

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