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Together, let's create a conscious revolution and shape the future of work and life.

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About the Like-Minded Radicals Podcast:

The Like-Minded Radicals is a thought-provoking and inspiring podcast that explores a more fulfilling and satisfying experience in work and life. Hosted by Kendra Parker, a seasoned HR professional and human experience strategist,  the show aims to amplify the voices of those who are working to change the world of work, and to empower and inspire individuals to understand there is a palpable paradigm shift on the horizon they too can bring to fruition.


Through captivating interviews and insightful discussions, we connect with change-makers who challenge traditional mindsets and reshape the workplace, igniting joy and unlocking consciousness along the way.

Target Audience:

Our podcast caters to a diverse audience, including professionals seeking greater purpose and meaning in their careers, entrepreneurs driven to create human-centered work experiences, and individuals in leadership positions who are passionate about fostering authentic and fulfilling work environments. 

Our Topics:

The Like-Minded Radicals podcast covers a wide range of thought-provoking topics. We'll work with you, our guest,  to determine the best topic for you, whether that's a deep dive into your business, a discussion on the radical thinking you're bringing to your organization, or the area of expertise you can offer to enlighten and inspire our listeners. 

Host Biography:

Meet your fearless host, Kendra Parker, a successful global HR professional with a burning passion for Conscious Business. After climbing the corporate ladder, she realized there was more to life than conventional success. Through a master studies in Conscious Business, Kendra discovered a new understanding of true leadership and impact. Now, she's on a mission to amplify the voices of inspiring practitioners and fearless founders, shaping a new paradigm for work and life.

Available Promotion Channels:

Benefit from our multi-platform promotion strategy, including social media shout-outs, email newsletters, and featured blog posts on our website. Your episode will reach a diverse and engaged audience, maximizing your impact and influence.

Contact Information and Booking Details:

For booking inquiries and to be part of our conscious revolution, reach out to

Let's collaborate to inspire and shape a new paradigm for work and life. Together, we can unlock the potential of individuals and foster a more human and purposeful future. Join us on The Like-Minded Radicals podcast and be a part of something revolutionary.

Work Experience

Episode 1: August 2023

Episode 2: August 2023

Episode  - August 2023

Episode 1: Unlocking Consciousness with the Peter Mattheis

Description. Meet Peter Matthies, founder of the Conscious Business Institute. CBI was founded in 2005 by former software entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Peter Matthies. Assessing hundreds of companies, Peter realized that our world will be faced with fundamental changes, and that existing leadership and success models were not designed to meet these challenges. To succeed in the future, we needed a new consciousness – a new thinking for the way we conduct business and define progress.

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Coming Soon

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